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齋藤 麗 Rei Saito
1978.10.24生 北海道浦河町出身
2005 多摩美術大学大学院 美術研究科 修了
2003 多摩美術大学 生産デザイン学科テキスタイルデザイン 卒業

Solo Show
2010.7 "add+うらかわ"(浦河町文化会館・北海道)
2010.2 "add+ヨコハマ"(ヨコハマトヨペット・横浜)
2009.10 "add"(麻布十番ギャラリー・麻布十番)
2007.10 "pages"(ギャラリー山口・京橋)
2006.8 "dots"(ギンザ・コマツ アートスペース・銀座)
2005.3 "rei saito solo show"(ギャラリー山口・京橋)
2004.8 "Saito Rei Batik Exhibition"(浦河町文化会館・北海道)
Selected Group Show
2008.9 "The 6th Asia Fiber Art Exhibition"(Jakarta, Indonesia)
2007.6 "cube and ant."(青樺画廊・京橋)
2008.2/2007.2 "JAM展"(ギャラリー山口・京橋)
2006.12/2005.12 "多摩美術大学交友会小品展2005"(文房堂ギャラリー・神保町)
2005.6 "World Batik Conference 2005"展示参加(Boston・U.S.A)
2005.5 "Spairl Independent Creators Festival"(spiral hall・青山)
2007.3/2006.3/2005.3/2004.3 "サッポロ未来展"(時計台ギャラリー・札幌)
2003.10 "染二人展"(ギャラリーうえすと・銀座)
2003.3 "Graduation Works Exhibition"(東京デザインセンターギャラリー・五反田)
2005.10/2004.6/2002.12 "011展"(ギャラリー小野・京橋/ギャラリーKUBOTA・京橋/青樺画廊・銀座)

japanese | english

Rei Saito (b. 1978, Urakawa, Japan) is an installation artist and textile designer based in Tokyo. She graduated with Master Degree in Textile Design at the Tama Art University in Tokyo in 2005. The same year she participated and exhibited her artwork at World Batik Conference in 2005, Boston, U.S.A. Saito joined several group exhibitions as well had her solo shows around Japan - "Saito Rei Batik Exhibition", 2004, Culture Center Urakawa, Hokkaido, "dots" exhibition, 2006, Ginza Komatsu Art Space, Tokyo, "pages" exhibition, 2007, Gallery Yamaguchi, Tokyo.
Currently she is a part time lecturer at Design Course of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts & Music and Printing and Dyeing Course of Ochanomizu Art College.
Rei Saito's main research today is focused on exploring and expanding the artistic and communication possibilities of already printed materials like newspapers, magazines, paper advertisements etc. using batik technique as an overprinting layer.
2003-2005 Master Course student of Textile Design, Tama Art University, Tokyo
1999-2003 B.A. in Textile Design, Major in Batik, Tama Art University, Tokyo
April 2006- current Part-time lecturer, Design Course, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts & Music, Tokyo
April 2004- current Part-time lecturer, Printing and Dyeing Course, Ochanomizu Art College, Tokyo
Solo Show
July 2010 "add+URAKAWA"exhibition, Culture Center Urakawa, Hokkaido
February 2010 "add+YOKOHAMA"exhibition, YOKOHAMA TOYOPET, Yokohama
October 2009 "add"exhibition, Azabujuban Gallery, Tokyo
October 2007 "pages"exhibition, Gallery Yamaguchi, Tokyo
August 2006 "dots"exhibition, Ginza Komatsu Art Space, Tokyo
March 2005 "rei saito solo show", Gallery Yamaguchi, Tokyo
August 2004 "Saito Rei Batik Exhibition", Culture Center Urakawa, Hokkaido
Selected Group Show
September 2008 "The 6th Asia Fiber Art Exhibition", Jakarta, Indonesia
June 2005 "World Batik Conference 2005", Boston, U.S.A
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